What We Do

Zahn Engineering has been providing the services of civil engineering, land planning, and permitting in the Volusia County area since 1978. Our extensive experience includes land planning, feasibility studies, zoning, land use, site plan design, permitting, water and sanitary sewer design, stormwater management system design, subdivision design, and construction management.

Planning & Design

Zahn Engineering, Inc. offers complete design services, from your initial concept through final permitting and approvals. During the planning and design phase of a project, our professionals will work closely with the client to develop a concept plan that best demonstrates the client’s ideas for the project. After initial review by local officials, a thorough site plan is developed consolidating input from the client and from local planners, to ensure that the project complies with building and land development regulations.

Our Planning & Design services include:


Zahn Engineering, Inc. can assist clients with obtaining various types of required permits from local, state and federal agencies to facilitate approval of projects for construction.

Our Permitting services include:

Construction Management

Zahn Engineering, Inc. offers construction management services to assist clients in completion of projects. We can request and review construction bids, complete inspections and request final certifications after construction.

Our Construction Management services include:


Paving Grading and Drainage Plans

Do you have flooding or standing water? Considering building on a new lot? Our Paving Grading and Drainage experts are who you need to prevent flooding, standing water, and erosion on your property. 


As-Built Plans

Have existing construction that was not permitted? We can help! We will walk you step by step through getting As-Built Plans and As-Built Permitting.


Structural Plans

New home? Want to build an addition? Revamping the floor plan? Our Structural Team is ready to make it a reality!


Project Management

We can request and review construction bids, supervise construction, complete inspections and request final certifications after construction.


Docks, Decks and Walkovers

Providing custom designed docks as well as a variety of boat lifts and pile driving services, we create quality access to your marine lifestyle while providing an array of other marine services for your existing installations.


Landscape and Irrigation Plans

We provide expert Landscape and Irrigation Planning to help you beautify your property and meet municipal requirements.

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